On this episode, I chat with Antioch Mayoral Candidate Gabriel V. Makinano Sr. We talk about his background, his work with Operation Ceasefire and other community efforts, along with where he stands on Antioch Police, the homeless and economic development.


Episode Overview

  • 00:52 – Gabriel provides a quick bio and his background.
  • 02:50 – We get into Operation Ceasefire and the impact it has had within the community.
  • 04:55 – We get into the passion Gabriel has for helping people, but also talks about the need for more pride in the community and in the City of Antioch. He calls the City Council disconnected from the community.
  • 10:15 – We get into homeless and housing – which includes possibility of shelters. Makinano says the mayor and city council has a “good talk” but no action on the homeless issue. He also gets into shame and guilt with many just embarrassed.
  • 17:24 – Makinano explains how he bounced back from shame and guilt of a hard time in his life before finding his path on becoming who he wants to be. He explains how he moved forward and the importance of programs. He wants to bring more services to Antioch to assist those in need.
  • 20:47 – We get into Youth Services and the Antioch Unified School District. We get into the Boys and Girls Club rejecting coming to the City of Antioch. We get into needing more Marcus Malu’s (Malu Fitness) of the world and bringing them to Antioch.
  • 25:00 – We get into the Antioch Police Department. Makinano calls for more training while going back into the community and “break the ice” and more officers from Antioch.
  • 29:30 – We get into how the Antioch Police Department and community could begin to have a conversation given the national rhetoric and the protesters.
  • 33:05 – Makinano talks about his work with Deer Valley High School and then Dallas Ranch Middle School and working with the kids.
  • 35:10 – He questions the actions of Mayor Sean Wright and councilmember Lamar Thorpe. We jump into economic development.
  • 36:58 – As Makinano is not the “typical” candidate, how does someone like him win?
  • 40:10 – We talk about the COVID-19 response, Makinano talks about food scarcity.
  • 42:50 – Makinano highlights why voters should consider voting for him as Mayor of the City of Antioch. I declare Makinano as “Mr. Passion” given his motivation towards helping people.
  • 47:39 – How to get in touch with Makinano.

Campaign Website: www.votegmakinano.com

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