On this episode, Assemblyman and candidate for California Governor Travis Allen drops in to Campos Family Vineyards in Byron where he tackles multiple issues facing Californian’s. We could have spent hours with Allen, but he was between events and spared a few minutes for the chat. Note: An open invitation is extended to all candidates who would like to be interviewed. Here is an overview of the interview.

00:40 — Who is Travis Allen and what do you stand for?

03:00 – Travis Allen shares his thoughts on Governor Jerry Browns Delta Tunnels. Talks about how he opposes the Delta Tunnels Project, says it will never happen and what is really needed is water storage.

5:35 — Travis Allen talks about his priority to repeal California as a Sanctuary State. He also gives a shout out to Sheriff David Livingston.

07:30 – Why the rules apply to Travis Allen, but Democrats have no rules when it comes to ideas and solutions.

09:20 – How important is it to have a Governor who supports and will work with President Donald Trump?

10:58 – Travis Allen talks about High Speed Rail and how he would de-fund High Speed Rail, return money to California Taxpayers, and instead what could be done with that money instead.

12:30 – Travis Allen plugs his May 18 event at Campos Family Vineyards at 5:30 pm.

For more information about Travis Allen, visit him at https://jointravisallen.com/


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